Lane Line Markers

  • Give a target for your swimmers to aim for
  • Easy and cheap to make
  • Work the underwater progressively throughout the season

What You Need

  1. One inch PVC pipe. They come in 10ft lengths and Ace or Lowe's will cut them for you (or you can Dremel them too). Make them into 2.5ft lengths.
  2. One inch T-PVC fittings.
  3. Foam PVC coverings. They come in long pieces that can be cut easily with scissors.
  4. Dremel with circular cutter.
  5. PVC concrete glue.
  6. Sharpie pen (optional)
  7. Get as much equipment as you want depending on how many lane line markers you want.



Step 1- If not already done, cut the 10ft PVC pipes into 2.5ft lengths.

Step 2- Take your T-fittings and draw a diagonal line where you will cut them with the Dremel.

Tip: The reason for the diagonal cut is so that when you put it on the lane line, the actual wire will not accidentally come out of the Lane Line Marker.

Step 3- Use the Dremel and cut alone the lines you drew. Keep the opening thin so that the lane line won't fall out accidentally.


WATCH YOUR FINGERS! You can use some pliers to hold the T while you cut with the Dremel.

Step 4- Peel off the leftover plastic.

Step 5- Use the PVC concrete glue to stick the 2.5ft length of pipe with the newly cut T-fitting. 

Step 6- Slide on the foam. Make sure to leave a little at the end so that no one gets cut on the PVC pipe.

And that's about it. Slide the T end onto the lane line where ever you want your swimmers to dolphin kick to and get swimming.

Option 2

Here is another option for making a Line Line Marker that does not require a Dremel.

It's a little more expensive and not as fun to make, but it is something to consider if you are a surgeon and want to keep your fingers out of harm's way. Just loop the hooks onto the lane line buoys.

Don't forget... 

You can also use Swim Smart's weight belts as a marker on the floor of a pool. Set them at 10m, halfway, or 15m to give your swimmers targets for their underwaters off of every wall.

How to Use

Start by setting the lane line markers somewhere the kids can make it underwater off the walls easily. The flags are a good spot, but remember, their feet have to clear the markers, so you may have to start a yard or so inside the flags.

As the season goes on, start moving he lane line markers out further and set the expectation for the kids to work their underwaters off each wall.

For specific underwater work, put the markers at 15m and train those dolphins!