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  • Learn about how your swimming machine works
  • Understand why you feel the way you do in practice
  • Improve your race strategy by knowing your Swimming Machine
  • Upgrade your training by simply mastering the basics

Don't be afraid! This is not biology class, this is swimming class. Your body is a Swimming Machine with a lot of moving parts. Knowing how these all work can help you understand why you feel the way you do at practice, why you train the way you do, and why you race the way you do.


Part One: How the Swimming Machine Works

  • Muscle- How it Works 
  • Energy Systems- The Ultimate Hybrid  
  • Muscle Types- Sprinter vs. Miler   
  • The Motor Unit- The Basics of Control   
      • Cardio- The Pump that Never Stops    
      • Lungs- Breathing and Acid Control   
        • Lactate Threshold- The Ultimate Endurance Test  
        • Hormones-  Masters of the Machine  

          Part Two: How the Swimming Machine Adapts

          • The Basics- What's the Best Workout?    
          • Endurance Training- Laying a foundation    
          • Sprint Training- Top speed that lasts    
          • Motor Learning- Cementing Habits   
          • Taper- Super Compensating   
          • Overtraining- Too Much of a Good Thing    
          • Dryland- Building In-Water Power... Out of the Water  

              Part Three: How the Swimming Machine is Perfected

                • Nutrition- Refuel, Rehydrate, Rebuild 
                  • Injury- Joints, Lungs and Ears    
                  • Physics- Drag, Power and Pools    
                    • Psychology- Building Mental Toughness  



                    • Perfect for new coaches looking to make coaching their career
                    • A resource for head coaches wanting to help improve their assistants
                    • Directly applicable guidelines, tips and instruction

                    There is a big (and often unseen) gap between being a swimmer/swammer and a swim coach. This book aims to close the gap. 

                    Between college, medical school, starting new clubs, inventing multiple products, starting multiple businesses, raising families… our experiences and mistakes come together to help you build your swim team.

                    This book is for new coaches looking to make a career in swimming and for head coaches looking for a resource to help bring up their assistants in a guided way.

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                    Part 1: Build a Team

                    • Why Focus on Team  
                    • Job Descriptions  

                    Part 2: Managing the Team

                    • Growing the Team and Swim Meets   
                    • Team Organization, Running Practice and Coaching at Swim Meets  
                    • Growing the Team and Swim Meets   

                    Part 3: How to Teach the Strokes

                    • Dives and Turns 
                    • Freestyle
                    • Butterfly 
                    • Breastroke
                    • Backstroke 

                    Part 4: How to Write Workouts

                    • Group Goals and Novice Group 
                    • Age Group 
                    • Senior Group  
                    • Season Planning and Coaching Tips 
                    • Dryland Training