How to Set Up Shop on The Swim Market


  1. Create a shop/login here:
  2. Enter PayPal info to get paid. Dashboard -> Profile -> Payment Details
  3. Update Shop Dashboard -> Profile -> My Account
  4. Make sure the shop looks pretty:
  5. Create Products. Dashboard -> Products -> Product Listing -> Add Product
  6. Make sure the Product looks pretty:
  7. Fulfill Orders! Dashboard -> Orders -> Orders Listing -> View specific orders for shipping details. Once you fulfill the order on your end, you need to click “Fulfill Order” at the bottom of the order page and enter the tracking number (if available) and Shipping Method (required).


How this Works

After you create and update your shop (details below), your shop on the Swim Smart website will automatically appear under the Seller’s Page where all sellers will show up:


This way, shoppers can view all the available sellers in one place. If you or a customer clicks on your shop from this page, you will be redirected to your specific shop which kind of looks like this:


Anytime you make an adjustment on the administration end like adding a product or updating your policies or shop descriptions/logo, the updates will show up here. Your products and reviews will also show up here and customers can click on your products directly from here.

In addition to being able to shop by sellers, customers can also look at all the products available from all the shop owners here:

Any time you upload or update a product, it will show up here too.

Customers can click on a product either from your specific page or from this catalog page which will redirect them to a product specific page. Here, they can add to cart, choose variants and checkout!



Setting up Shop

Create a shop here:

You can also reach this webpage through our website. At the top of any webpage, under “The Swim Market” drop down tab, click “Seller Store Login/Sign Up” and you will be redirected to this account creation page.


Once created, you will be automatically sent to your admin shop. All your shop’s business end will be conducted from the admin pages here. Below is the Dashboard that will show you some overall statistics of your shop. At the top are all the important tabs.


The next most important step is entering in your PayPal email so you can collect money from sales you make. Click the “Profile” tab, then “Payment Details” and enter your PayPal email.

Next, you want to update your shop with your own information and logos. Go to “Profile” and then “My Account.” Here you can enter your shop name, short/long descriptions, logos, banners and policies. All these changes will show up on your unique shop on The Swim Market.


Creating Products

Under the “Products” tab, click “Products Listing” to see all the products you have and to add/remove products. Click the “three dots” on the right of any existing product and click “EDIT” to reach the product page.


To create a new product, click “Add Product” in the top right to make a new product. This will open up the product page as below. Here, you can edit the name, description, price, weight, upload pictures and videos. You can also create variants like size, weight, shape… whatever you want. To accurately calculate international shipping costs, please enter an accurate weight for each product. More on that later…


Fulfilling Orders

Now for the important part. When a customer purchases something from your store on The Swim Market, you will get an email notification that you have an order to fulfill.


To fulfill the order, go back to your shop login to reach the dashboard. Next, go to the “Orders” tab at the top of your business end shop and click the “Order Listing.” This will take you to a page that will list all the orders that have ever come to your shop. Your new orders that are not fulfilled are labeled.



Click on the “three dots” on the right for any order and click “view.” This will take you to that order’s specific page. Here, you can see shipping and billing details that the customer entered as they checked out. Use their mailing address to ship their order to them. If there are concerns, you can contact the customer as well since their email will be here.


Once you have shipped the customer their product, you need to complete the fulfillment process by clicking “Fulfill” at the bottom of the order page (see above). Here, you need to enter your shipping method (USPS, UPS, FedEx…) and if there is a tracking number you can put that in as well. Once this is completed and you click “Fulfill Items,” you are done! This will automatically update us at Swim Smart as well that you fulfilled your items. You should also receive a confirmation email that you completed the fulfilment.

Once you click this button, this will also send an email to your customer with the shipping method and tracking number (if entered).

If you do not complete this process, we will send reminders. If you don’t keep up with orders, we will boot you from The Swim Market! The customers come first! (but I’m sure you knew that 😉)



Unfortunately, at this time there is no option for you to create shipping labels straight from your Swim Market Shop. This may become an option in the future depending on the growth of the marketplace. For now, the shipping is integrated with Swim Smart’s main website.

This means customers are charged $5 flat rate shipping and receive free shipping if they spend over $75. This applies to domestic (USA) orders only. This may be subject to change as well (in your favor only).

International customers (outside the USA) are given multiple weight based calculated options. They never receive a free option for shipping. You will collect on this shipping cost. Under the order that needs fulfilling it will specify the chosen delivery method.

When fulfilling a domestic order, you can use whatever shipping service you want since the customer did not choose a specific shipping option.

What does this mean for you? Unless you already offer free shipping, I would include the cost of domestic shipping in your product’s price. If someone buys for less than $75, treat the $5 shipping cost as a bonus.



Refunds must be initiated from our end. Please let us know if a customer requests a refund and we can take care of it (

If shipping was charged on the order, the shipping cost will not be included in the refund. You may want to include that in your shop policies. If you want to refund the shipping, let us know and we can work around it easily.


Swim Smart Commission

So… what does Swim Smart get out of all this. Just 10% of the sale and shipping. No sign-up fee, no monthly fees. This is the same as eBay and much less than Amazon (which charges $30 a month to have a shop!). AND, we get to share all your great ideas with our growing following and help improve swimming on every pool deck.



If you ever have questions or trouble with the system, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Karl Hamouche, founder