In a Nutshell

  • Place the Squeezline under a swim cap right where you want the arms to press
  • Use drills that promote the arms returning to streamline with every cycle
  • Integrate with normal workout to promote tight streamlines when fatigued

How to use

Place the buzzer under the swim cap right where you want the swimmer to press their arms for a streamline. The best place is just above the ear where the skull curves (unless you disagree...I guess you can put the Squeezline wherever you want :)

Using a swim cap works best, but transparent caps are not cool.

How it works

Habits, habits, habits. A good streamline and a long, narrow stroke are not easy to build and requires constant reinforcement. The Squeezline provides the target and the feedback necessary to develop these skills. 

There are two moments in swimming where the Squeezline comes in handy: streamlines (duh) and drilling long strokes. During normal workout, it serves as a reminder to keep a tight streamline off of every wall which will help swimmers develop the habit of squeezing their streamline and squeezing in the right place.

In addition, we recommend using the Squeezline with drills to develop long and tight strokes. With all four strokes, the arms return (at least almost return) to streamline during every stroke cycle. The arms come back to streamline one at a time (long axis strokes) or at the same time (short axis strokes).

During all these drills, try to have swimmers maintain the buzzing sound by keeping the arms pressing the Squeezline. Here are some drills we like for each stroke:

  1. Stroke specific streamline kicking, with a snorkel works best
  2. Freestyle- One arm kicking, 6nRoll, Sharkfin, and One arm swimming
  3. Backstroke- One arm kicking and L-drill
  4. Breastroke/Fly- Return to streamline drills (pause in front with a tight squeeze), 3 kicks 1 pull dill.
  5. Dolphins- Prevent "head bobbing" from a loose streamline
  6. Dives- Try to get in streamline and buzz before hitting the water (great for swimmers who don't get in streamline fast enough)

Sample Sets

For younger swimmers, the idea here is build each stroke from the ground up while constantly promoting the arms to return to streamline with every cycle. By always returning the arms to streamline, kids begin to understand how much effort it takes to maintain a long stroke.

Repeat rounds as desired
4x25 Free= Sharkfin, Back= L-drill, Breast/Fly= 2 or 3 kicks 1 pull
2x50 Free/Back= 6nRoll, Breast/Fly= Return to streamline
1x100 Full stroke and count strokes


For older swimmers, the Squeezline integrates into normal workout to remind swimmers to keep a tight streamline off the walls even when fatigued. Swimmers will notice that it is easy to squeeze tight when you are fresh, but as the set goes on, there is a substantial decrease in the effort we put towards our streamlines, and the Squeezline will let you know. 

This is no magic fix, you still have to put the effort and thought required in building a good streamline and a good stroke. But we hope the Squeezline can help let you know when you are doing it right.