Ultimate Age group Template + Sample Sets

This is Swim Smart's Ultimate Age Group Template designed for competitive 9-11 year olds. This program's race focus are the 200 freestyle, 100 of each stroke and IM, so everything. There is no specialization (at least not until the end of the season) and each swimmer's goal is to get as good as possible at each of the four strokes and build a great endurance freestyle base. Younger swimmers need to focus mostly on technique and aerobic training. Sprinting in this program is mostly about getting a racing mentality and working on sprint technique. 
This template assumes 5 workouts a week that last about 90 minutes each. We do a dedicated stroke set for each stroke during the week, one sprint and one endurance. We do not break down the intervals past sprint and endurance. We use progression sets and test sets as a way to motivate younger swimmers to achieve more in practice.
For the sample sets, we assume the kids can handle 100s freestyle on about 1:45, 100s IM on 2:00, and 100s kick on 2:15-2:30. Sprinting with younger kids should not have a lot of recovery time. They catch their breath quick and will benefit from shorter intervals. Sprinting in this program is for mental and technical adaptation, not so much physical. We do not use paddles.
Almost everything for age groupers should have a mental aspect to it (except for test/progression sets). Counting strokes or doing a specific drill, even when sprinting. They should be given concrete "goal oriented" thoughts like 16 strokes per 25. Not abstract goals like "DPS." Drills should be specific, don't leave it up to them. Always focus on building their strokes from a streamlined position. Getting a great technique at this age is all about reducing drag, we can condition them and build power later when they are older. Efficiency is everything!!