The Progression of Everything


The Progression of Everything is a series of videos and PowerPoint slides that explains how to build up every complicated swimming stroke and motion from the ground up for competitive swimmers. Every stroke can be broken down into a few key components. This series takes you through a series of drills that focus on every component and lays a foundation for building and training a perfect stroke.

Watch the videos below and download the PowerPoint slides (videos included) for free!

Why make this series?

  • A starting point for new coaches
  • For “lost” parents
  • Complex motions broken into pieces
  • Train every piece every day!

Who is the target?

  • 7-14 year old competitive swimmers
  • New competitive swimmers in general (high school)
  • (Not for swim lessons, more advance than that)

How this will work:

  • Breakdown every stroke into a few important pieces
  • One drill = One focus
  • Build up to the full stroke
  • Use training sets to continually build the strokes throughout a season


Introduction and Dives






Flip and Open Turns

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