The Biology of Swimming (eBook)

  • Learn about how your swimming machine works
  • Understand why you feel the way you do in practice
  • Improve your race strategy by knowing your Swimming Machine
  • Upgrade your training by simply mastering the basics

Don't be afraid! This is not biology class, this is swimming class. Your body is a Swimming Machine with a lot of moving parts. Knowing how these all work can help you understand why you feel the way you do at practice, why you train the way you do, and why you race the way you do.

Complicated exercise science is translated into simple "picture book" format by Swim Smart founder Karl Hamouche, MD.

  • Part I: How the Swimming Machine Works
  • Part II: How the Swimming Machine Adapts
  • Part III: How the Swimming Machine is Perfected (coming soon-ish)
  • 225 pages with over 250 illustrations!

Part III will automatically be sent to those who purchase Part I and II at no aditional cost (PDF only). 



    Sample from Cardio chapter

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