The (Literal) Art of Swimming


  • Hand made oil based painting
  • Three sizes
  • Optional black frame
  • 100% personalized based on your submitted photo
  • Free shipping!

How to Commission your Personal Swimming Art:

  1. Choose your size +/- frame
  2. Purchase through checkout just like normal
  3. Email the photo you want artified with any personal requests (background, overall style, signed...)
  4. Progress updates periodically sent to you. Changes involving color and background can be made.
  5. Receive your art in 4-6 weeks ready for the wall!

There are moments in everyone's swimming career that are once in a lifetime. Unfortunately, these are often lost in the endless digital junk of social media scrolls. 

Make your child's, your team's or your personal swimming triumphs a permanent fixture on the wall with personalized handmade art created by our professional painter.  

"A day is not wasted if a memory is made"

Email for specials requests and quotes.

Check out the gallery here!

Meet the Artist

Engy AlGarf is primarily a Figurative Artist who likes to tell a story. Born Egyptian, Engy was introduced to art classes at the early age of 6, and practiced under the supervision of acclaimed artists in a small in a small tucked away studio in Kuwait City. She moved to Egypt in 2007 where she acquired a B.F.A from the American University in Cairo, before completing the graduate program in Fine Arts in Florence, Italy in 2014.

Ever since a young age, people fascinated Engy. One of her daily routines includes sitting in public spaces and observing people. She would notice a fake laugh, a genuine concern, a loving hug, an agitated phone call, all behaviors that made her obsessed with the complexity of human nature and underlying textural behaviors that drive us. Watching and observing people allowed Engy to explore the boundaries of expression and storytelling.

Checkout Engy's galley of prior art here and her website here!

Learn the Process

Engy uses both a combination of design and painting to create her pieces. She begins by creating a rough composition on Photoshop and similar design tools, she later creates her portraits depending on the overall feel. They usually evolve to whole new persona. Engy approaches her medium with a combination of realism and painterly flourish.

Painting primarily with oil paint on wood or panel using a combination of brush and palette knife, paint is applied fragmentally and obscurely to highlight the balance between distraction and clarity in daily life.