Training Trip Journal 2018

This is a 14 day training trip journal that we did as a team over the course of 14 days.  Each day the swimmers would record that days workouts, what went well, what milestones were accomplished, what did not go well and who had an impact on their swimming.  Each day had a unique quote that built that days workouts progressions up.

I had the kids do 2 days of recording in the book and then we went and shared what we recorded as a group so that other swimmers realized the impact they had on each other good or bad...then we would go two more days of recording and share it again with the group.

The end of the book has a final page to reflect on how the training and the meet went that happened at the end of the training two weeks.  We finished our book and training at a midwest meet called Swim Pink and that is featured in the book but can be modified to fit your liking.

Feel free to take this book and modify it how you like.