Triathlon Swimming Training Guide | 30 Minute Workouts in Stand-Up, Waterproof Book

Waterproof Swimming Training Books from Scale Swimming are essential to any swimmer or triathlete.

If you have ever gone to the pool and realised you're not sure what to do, or you're looking to take your swimming to the next level you NEED a swimming training book!

Scale Swimming Training Books stand on the poolside and display a professionally designed swimming set to focus and SCALE your swim.

Every book contains 11 professionally designed swimming sets, each designed to improve different aspects of your swimming like speed or endurance, while maximizing your enjoyment of your swim. Each book has an easy kick stand to place on the poolside and the clear design ensures visibility even with foggy goggles.

The sets contained in this book last 30 minutes when followed, for athletes with a schedule!

The swimming sets have been expertly designed by Alex Thurston, PhD, a sport management academic at Loughborough University. 

Alex has over 12 years' experience coaching university and masters' swimmers, from beginner to international standard. 

In 2016, Alex was part of a university relay team that completed a two-way English Channel crossing and he became double European champion to add to his world record in masters' swimming.