Ultimate Senior Template + Sample Sets

This is Swim Smart's Ultimate Senior Template for teenage swimmers in a club setting. The goal races of this template are the 200 free, a primary stroke and some IM. This gives the kids a great base while maintaining their competitiveness for a college program by staying versatile.  The Template assumes 6 workouts a week that run 2 hours each and kids can perform 100s free on 1:15/1:20 base pace, 100s stroke or IM on 1:30/1:40 base, and 100 kicks on 1:45 base pace.
The idea behind this template is to train all aspects of human performance through the four interval sets for both freestyle and a primary stroke. By spreading out and organizing the sets in a 12 day cycle, we think there is a good balance of hard and easy days. Learn how to stress score each day to show quantitatively how hard your practice is and balance sprinting and endurance training. 
Below each templated day is a sample workout day with yards, time and estimated stress scores for each set and total daily values at the bottom. This template is just a guideline and many minor changes can be made to accommodate different goals.