Courses by Swim Smart

The Biology of Swimming

  • You could spend four years and thousands of dollars sitting in boring classes learning about other sports or...
  • Using more pictures than a Google search, tough science concepts are simplified and put into swimming terms for direct on-deck application

Coach's Clinic

  • Want to take your coaching to the next level? This is for you!
  • Coaches make the backbone of any great program. Our experience (and mistakes) are shared to help teach you how to act, learn and think like a swim coach.

All Swim Smart courses are taught by Karl Hamouche M.D who studied biology and exercise science at Iowa State University and graduated medical school from the University of Iowa. His coaching and swimming experience helps bring over a decade of study and medical training to coaches in a way that is understandable and applicable. 

No... I did not buy myself a stethoscope with "Coach Karl" engraved into it. It was a gift from my swimmers when I left for medical school. My goal has always been to understand the human machine in all it's aspects. I learned just as much from swimming as I did in med school. Hopefully, some of it can rub off on others in these courses!