Swimming Power Harness


The Swimming Power Harness is an upgrade to the typical waist belt used by parachutes and Power Towers. It forces the swimmer's upper body to drive to the other wall in a straight line, rather than let it bob up and down aimlessly. It helps swimmers feel their power through the shoulders.

Order ala carte by emailing sales@swimsmarttoday.com

Harness Features

  • Drive with the shoulders
  • One size fits all harness with shoulder sleeves for comfort
  • Comes with an aluminum anti-rust carabiner
  • Quickly clip in and out with the carabiner
  • Reversible for use with backstroke
  • Versatile use with Power Towers or parachutes

Harness Parachute Combo NEW!

  • The poor-man's power tower. Resistance training for the whole team!
  • Create new types of training workout with multiple levels of easily changed resistance levels.
  • Includes an 8 inch red parachute and 12 inch blue parachute
  • Includes 2-lb Weight to keep the parachute away from kicking legs and allow flip-turns. (zip-ties included)
  • Comes with it's own waist belt for versatile use
  • Weight assembly tutorial here

Double Parachute Only

  • Don't want the Harness or weights? No problem!
  • Comes with regular parachute belt
  • Includes 8in and 12in parachutes
  • Easily switch sizes for a variety of workouts

    Harness Tug-of-War Set NEW!

    • Includes 2x Harnesses and 1x Tug Rope
    • Challenge your swimmers with a NEW way to compete
    • Find out who the best really is
    • Try out different strokes against each other!

     * Orange Harnesses shown for contrast against water. Actual product is blue. 



    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

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    Mark Langevin
    Easier on the back than belt.

    Oldsters and youngsters alike will appreciate the shoulder harness as it is easier on your lower back than a stationary swim belt.

    Straps are quite large

    Overall it’s great. It’s just that even when adjusting the straps it’s quite large, so I don’t think I’ll be able to use it.

    David Fox
    High quality exercise gear

    Very comfortable harness. It is perfect for swimming exercises in a small pool. The front belt with the buckle is very convenient for placing a small noodle for increasing buoyancy just a bit.All straps are appropriately located around the body and do not rub the skin. I enjoyed this harness so much, that purchased another one as a present for my friend. I am not using any parachutes, but tied a piece rope and attached it to the rupper cord that in turn is attached to the pole. Now I am swimming for 30 to 60 minutes almost each day.

    Perfect Solution!

    With COVID-19 first shutting down our Club pool, then all of our community pools my kids needed a way to workout. We borrowed med balls from the high school and stuck to a dryland routine, but they needed a swim workout. We have a backyard pool that is way to small for lap swimming but the swim harness was perfect! We connected the swim harness to resistance bands we already had, anchored them to a cement umbrella stand and they had a stationary swim workout. It works for every stroke - they even wear it backwards for backstroke. Sprints for power - they look for a spot in the pool to reach for and try to hold for a short period of time. For distance training the bands aren’t stretched out as much. The power harness allows it all. Just a week after we ordered it we ordered a second one so they could both workout at the same time this one anchored to an old (very heavy) tv stand we never used because we mounted it on the wall. They are now swimming 6 days a week (as they normally would for their club) and they love it! https://youtu.be/44DJ97Fh0fA

    Josie Thomas
    Amazing product!

    This swimming power harness has absolutely changed the way I’ve been able to practice in swim practice. We have created work-outs specifically to revolve around these parachutes and they work great! They’re not annoying and get in your way like the typical parachute and are very customizable for anyone. I love my swimming power harness and I would highly recommend it!