La taille et la forme
  • Anti-fog inserts that provide long lasting anti-fog
  • Fits in any goggle
  • NEW Snorkel/Scuba designs available
  • Goggle version comes with two pairs (4 total) of inserts 
  • Scratch resistant to protect your goggles and mask

    We were tired of swimming through a fog. That's why we created Fog-X, the only long lasting anti-fog insert that you apply once and forget. 

    NEW Fog-X for Snorkeling! Find the style that fits your snorkeling mask, follow the instructions, and have fun snorkeling fog free for months!

    Instructions Fog Snorkels (and goggles):

    1. Choose a style that best fits your mask.
    2. Clean your mask (or we recommend to use a new one).
    3. Cut the film to size if needed.
    4. Peel off the blue AND clear protective layers. This will leave you a clear film with adhesive on one side and the anti-fog layer on the other.
    5. Stick inside the mask.
    6. Press out any bubbles.
    7. Before snorkeling, soak and rub the film to hydrate it.
    8. ENJOY!!

    Fog-X is a Swim Smart sister company:

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    Customer Reviews

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    Peter McKinnon

    They didn’t work. The only good thing about them was they were easy to remove from my goggles and throw out

    Darren Speers
    Pretty good

    I’ve still had a couple days of a little fogging, but they are far better than relying on liquid solutions.

    When it fits it’s great

    Worked great on my Swedish googles, but my daughter’s speedos have an angle to the lens. I couldn’t get the fog-x lenses to stick through that angle. Guess I could have cut them, but that would have significantly reduced the anti-fog area.

    As for my Swedish, they are working great. I can leave my googles on a whole set without trying to clear them between intervals.

    William Singer


    Stephanie Woerfel
    They work in very cold water

    I am an open water swimmer. I swim all year round in the Salish Sea AKA Puget Sound. Because there is a big difference between the temperature of my face and the open water, there is a tendency for goggles to fog up. The Fog X inserts really help with clarity and keeping fog ups at bay. Now, if you guys could invent something to help "face freeze" when the water drops below 50F, that would really be great!