Squeezline Tutorial

Squeezline Tutorial

Our Squeezline is new, and with all new things there is a bit of a learning curve. Here is how to take full advantage of your Squeezline (and some hacks to put it to better use).

The fist thing you will notice is that the Squeezline is tough to activate. That's on purpose. When used in the water and with a cap, the extra pressure from the environment allows the Squeezline to behave correctly. There are three ways the Squeezline can be put on the head to "adjust" the difficulty level of the Squeezline and use it for different purposes. Here is how to do it:


Level 1


Place the Squeezline UPSIDE DOWN inside a cap! This will give a larger surface area pressing on the buttons inside and provides the easiest way to activate the Squeezline

Good for:

- Very young swimmers

- Breastroke and Butterfly stroke to streamline drills

- One arm freestyle and backstroke


Level 2


Place the Squeezline the right way up inside a cap. This is how the Squeezline was originally designed to be used and provides a balance of activation ease and "target practice." Make sure the goggle straps are BELOW the Squeezline or the straps are in the notches as below. 

Good for:

- Middle school age kids

- New high school age kids just starting to swim 


Level 3

This is the toughest way to use the Squeezline since only the pressure of the water is helping you press against the Squeezline. Make sure the google straps are WITHIN the notches and that the straps are tight. Loose straps that are inappropriately placed will cause the Squeezline to pop off during normal swimming. 

Good for:

- High level swimmers trying to reach the maximum squeezness!