Teaching Open Turns

Open Turn Drill 1: Knees Up Arm Back (Focus on tucking on the wall)

Start the open turn at the wall. Reaching out, knees come straight up, and one arm shoots back. Practice landing on the wall with eyes forward.


Open Turn Drill 2: Fall Back (Focus on reverse summersault)

The open turn is NOT a twist, it is a reverse summersault. Have kids practice falling backwards into a streamline underwater.



Open Turn Drill 3: Open Turn with Pauses (Focus on slowing it down)

Practice the approach, touching the wall in full reach, bounce off, reverse summersault, plant in streamline, push off and glide in a straight line. Pause at each stage to make sure the positioning is right.



 Open Turn Drill 4: Full Open Turn (Focus on practice)

 Practice, practice, practice!