E(xchange)- Paddle


  • Fix dropped elbows and train early vertical forearm
  • Exchange all paddles for a variety of combinations
  • Incentivize the body to grip with the forearm
  • Ala-carte combinations available by email: sales@swimsmarttoday.com
  • Patent Pending!

Generating as much power as we can requires that we get as much grip on the water as we can. This is called "early vertical forearm" where the hand and forearm is oriented vertically as soon as possible to get an early and strong catch.

The problem is that most swimmers "drop" their elbow, losing grip on the water. This is because many swimmer's bodies would rather pull their arms fast through the water, rather than anchor and pull their bodies forward. In addition, typical hand paddles do nothing to help dropped elbows since all the grip can be obtained with the hand paddle alone.

The E-Paddle uses a forearm paddle attachment with or without a hand paddle to incentivize the body to naturally want to use the forearm as an anchor. Use with the Gripper hand paddle to get the maximum effect!

 Assembly Tutorial

What's included in each set:

Small Paddle Set (best for 12 and under swimmers)

  • Small Hand Paddles
  • Small Forearm Paddles
  • Gripper Paddles

Large Paddle Set (best for 13 and overs) 

  • Large Hand Paddles
  • Large Forearm Paddles
  • Gripper Paddles

All Paddle Set

  • Small and Large Hand Paddles
  • Small and Large Forearm Paddles
  • Gripper Paddles