• Hear your streamline working
  • Drill the streamline into every stroke
  • Be there off every wall

The Squeezline is an electronic streamline sensor that makes an audible BEEP when the swimmer presses into a tight streamline. Perfect for young swimmers just learning a proper streamline and making a habit. 

Check out our Tutorial to take full advantage of your Squeezline

"A Streamline is the number one skill for any swimmer to master. Competitive swimmers never stop learning and improving this skill. The goal is always to reduce drag and increase speed. To master this skill one needs consistent feedback and practice. The Squeezline is the perfect tool to get anyone to improve this skill as it will give you immediate feedback if you are doing it correctly."

- Robert Pinter, head coach of Gator Swim Club and "A" finalist in the 200 butterfly at the 1992 Olympics.


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Customer Reviews

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Erica Johnson
Good idea

My first one came and I used in training that eve. It made swimmers focus and think about what they were doing . I got it for my juniors but I feel my seniors had benefited from it more.

Thomas Pierce


Henry Tong
Creative & InnovativeTool for Swimmers

I have found that many people know this invention and innovation is the best for swimmers. Good voice can be used to remind us to correct the irregularities of the action in time, so that we swimmers need to have standard and normative actions every time. It’s easy to become an excellent swimmer if we can use this, and I shall give the product designer and inventor a big thumbs up. Your invention is absolutely outstanding for swmmers. It's not just because the product has a functional invention advantage. After continuous optimization, it has better reliability and better sound effects. There is also a small transparent plastic packaging box that allows us to put it in the box when we are not swimming, and will not be accidentally squeezed. Necessary power consumption to keep the battery durable.


We are looking forward to implementing this more, but I am pleasantly surprised at initial feedback.

We're a mid-major DI and we're always looking for ways to improve technique and habits. I expected to see some of our lower-tiered swimmers improve using the Squeezline, yet it was our most elite that really took it to a new level. I noticed a better streamline shape which quickly translated to greater velocity at break-out. It quickly led to further conversations about efficiency. It was pretty darn awesome!

Kristen Lavery
Great little gadget!

The Squeezline is a great tool to help swimmers self correct. As a coach, it's tough to catch every streamline off of every wall in a group of 20-40 kids. This is almost a "set-it-and-forget-it" type of tool for the coach's toolbox-- the user can wear it for a set or full practice and get immediate feedback, allowing the coach to focus on other parts of the swim. It's easy to rotate from swimmer to swimmer as well. My senior group has expressed interest in getting better underwaters, and I think the Squeezline will be a key component of that.

My biggest complaint is that I'd often have it in my swim bag and it would accidentally get pressed by other things. This ran down the battery earlier than I'd have liked (about a year later, the beeping is pretty faint), but it looks like the new protective cases will solve this issue, so I didn't remove any stars from review. Happy to see the creators are continually innovating!