Push Paddle

  • Build a driving dolphin kick
  • Great for alignment drills
  • Thick and durable
  • Moon cut-out for comfort
  • Three sizes for any skill level

Our goal in swimming is always to get to the other side of the pool as fast as possible. That means traveling in the straightest line we can and driving towards that goal. No other swim training tool allows swimmers to feel their forward resistance and train against it. That's why we made the Push Paddle!

Recommended sizes:

  • Small for 12 and unders
  • Medium for all swimmers!
  • Large for high school age and above or with fins

Use the Push Paddle for:

  • Underwater dolphin kicking (duh!)
  • Single arm free or backstroke driving the paddle with the streamlined arm
  • Breastroke drills or kick focusing on PUSHING!
  • Surface dolphin kicking with a snorkel focused on driving forward
  • Head position drills

"WOW, impressed on the streamline focus and increased core work.  The kids all had that love/hate feelings.  They loved the new toy and found it easy to use.  All told me that they could feel the increase of the core work load - the hate feeling but loved it!  To me, that will only translate into faster times."

- Coach Mic Nelson, Head Swim Coach at Corpus Christi TX


Meet Sayre Satterwhite

When we first had the idea for the Push Paddle, Sayre who was a Junior in high school and one of our swimmers helped by creating the initial designs that our manufacturer later used to create the awesome swimming tool thousands now use!

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Worked well

Kris Asleson
Excellent simple product!

Designed brilliantly to develop power through resistance-based dolphin kick training in a unique way that I haven't experienced with other tools. Very race applicable too.

Glenn Mills
Required Usage

Challenging your underwaters, improving your underwater, should be FIRST on your list for competitive swimming. The Push Paddle makes it so you HAVE to work on a full body connection. The simplest and most effective tool every for improving your underwater dolphins!

Susan Bricken
New favorite

Really like this. I can feel it working. It is easy to use and I am going to get better underwater! Feel that it is more important than fins. Thank you for this.

Coach Pat Thoreson
Great tool to help with body alignment (and improve kickout)

Our team has started to use the Push Paddle for a few weeks now, and the improvement on body alignment in freestyle is noticeable! It's also helping our underwater kickouts as well our regular "surface" dolphin kicks. Even when not being used during a separate technical set per se, we include anyway as part of our warm-ups. Definitely recommend using the larger 10" size for all seniors (we use the 8" for our 14 and unders). Love this tool!