• Automatic release system
  • A new ability in resistance training
  • Use with Power Towers/Racks or stationary swimming
  • Increase practice efficiency with quick switches
  • Start with power, end with speed!

Power Towers and general resistance training is great for all swimmers, but it has been limited. Swimmers are forced to stay connected to their resistance device and usually have to waste time floating back, preventing others from training too. 

The Break-Away allows swimmers to automatically disconnect from a Power Tower/Rack at a set point in the lane, up to 15 yards away. The disconnected swimmer can then use the power and feel from their resistance training to finish the 25 or 50 with speed! 

All Break-Aways ship for FREE!

"The ability for the power towers cord to breakaway and retract on its own has really increased the number of reps our swimmers can get in during a workout. As a coach, it gets really annoying watching swimmers lazily swim the power towers cord back to the starting wall, this product completely eliminates that headache."

- Coach Ben

"As a swimmer, my club consistently uses breakaways in practice. I look forward to using breakaways in practice because I am able to feel the power I am using in the beginning of the 25 and then hold the power once it breaks away."

- Swimmer Anita

The Break-Away includes (enough for one bucket):
  • Anchor Rope
  • Break-Away Rope
  • Belt Loops
  • Harness
  • Instruction Manual

Assembly tutorial video and instructions here.


No Power Towers? No problem! The Break-Away can act as both an anchor for the swimmer to stationary swim and as the release system to let them go free. You just need a partner.


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