About Us

Vision (Our "Why"): To increase the mental engagement of swimmers and coaches in swimming.

Mission (Our "How"): Creating products and resources that fix swimming problems and create “Ah Ha” learning moments.


We are inventors, swimmers and coaches. Like most people, we sat on deck with a thousand ideas that would change the swimming world. One day, we got tired of dreaming and started doing. Our goal is to provide new training equipment and new ideas with the hopes of discovering a better way to train.

We believe the best training tool is a happy, motivated, engaged swimmer. Our goal is to get swimmers engaged with their swimming by creating those "Ah Ha" moments that can change your swimming forever.

Make no mistake, there is no short cut to getting better and even with our products, significant thought and training will be necessary to achieve your goals. But just because you can work hard doesn't mean you shouldn't work smart too, and that is where Swim Smart can help.


About Karl

Karl Hamouche is the co-founder of Swim Smart and co-inventor of the Squeezline. He moved to Iowa from Lebanon when he was 12 years old, joined the local swim team, and instantly was part of a family in a place 8,000 miles away from home. Years later, he ended up coaching for that same team, expanding it by starting a new satellite, and helping them win their first club state title. 

Karl studied biology and exercise science at Iowa State University and received his medical degree at the University of Iowa. With his coaching and swimming background, Karl is the intersection of theory and practice, the book and the real world.

Karl still swims almost everyday and competes multiple times a year. His daily interaction with the water gives him new ideas and insights into how we can all help to improve our swimming.

About Mike

Michael Peterson is the co-founder of Swim Smart and is currently the head coach of ACAC in Iowa, and prior to that he was the top assistant coach with the Colorado Stars.  While with the Stars he helped in the development of Olympic Gold Medalist Missy Franklin and Olympian Kara Lynn Joyce.  As the head age group coach, Michael, was a major contributor to the Colorado Stars winning 6 consecutive Colorado state titles and 2 Junior National Championship team titles. 

As an athlete, Michael was a standout prep swimmer at Ames High School where he earned 9 high school All-American certificates. He continued his swimming career at the Denver University where he not only served as team captain, but also set 4 school records. 


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