The Biology of Swimming

  • Learn about how your swimming machine works
  • Understand why you feel the way you do in practice
  • Over 300 illustrations to help you grasp the tough concepts
  • PDF download included instantly

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Don't be afraid! This is not biology class, this is swimming class. Your body is a Swimming Machine with a lot of moving parts. Knowing how these all work can help you understand why you feel the way you do at practice, why you train the way you do, and why you race the way you do.

Complicated exercise science is translated into simple "picture book" format by Swim Smart founder Karl Hamouche, MD.

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    Sample from Cardio chapter

    "Karl's book has helped me understand and even enjoy the very difficult topic of human physiology. I laughed (who knew Glycolysis could be funny?) and I continue to refer to various chapters throughout the season for support and clarification.

    Karl explains the complexity of the human body in clear, simple language that helps both coaches and athletes get straight to the point:

    "How can I go fast!?!"  

    For example, last summer I read the Taper chapter to my group three weeks before our big meet and we had the most drama free Taper I've ever been a part of.  We had a common language and noticed and named every stage along the way, and this helped all of us feel confident in the process and normalized the sensations that generally trigger uncertainty and doubt.   

    We're doing the same thing with energy systems and I've never had more buy-in with both specific sets and overall cycles because we've got clarity around their purpose. 

    Thank you, Karl, your book has helped me be a better coach!"
    - Megan Oesting, ASCA Coach of the year 2019, head coach of Eastern Iowa Federation and founder of MOSTswimtech.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Glauco Frizzera

    The Biology of Swimming

    Chuck Owen, DPT, OCS, CSCS
    Great book for anyone interested in the why of swimming training sets

    Karl does a great job of explaining the biology and physics of swimming in an entertaining way that makes since to PhD's and lay people alike. I am a sports physical therapist as well as strength & conditioning specialist and I have been better able to coordinate my swimmer's dryland training to complement the swim training.

    Ian McCorkle
    This book is indispensable to a swimmer

    As a swimmer myself, The Biology of Swimming was very helpful in understanding the mechanics of swimming and everything that goes into it. Learning about what each set does for you physically and then what those physical changes do for you was extremely helpful. There were a lot of things about nutrition and supplements and taking care of your body for swimming that I had no idea about but I will definitely be implementing.
    This book is a must have for all swimmers.

    Lee Jihyun

    Book that I need so I should do to learn biology of swimming

    Anne McCorkle
    Great course!

    I have just started reading the textbook. It is accessible and engaging for a person with very little background in biology or swimming. Karl’s understandable explanations make the material easy to follow. While I have not used the videos at this point, I will add them to my study of the material shortly. This looks like a great course.