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Training smart is not a way to avoid hard work... it is just another form of hard work! Learn to train, recover and plan smart with our Download-able teaching aides.

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    • Season Planning and Periodization
      • Planning a season is a valuable mental exercise for any coach. Here is a guideline and example of putting together a season from start to finish
      • Includes the Senior Template
    • Novice/Age/Senior/Distance/Taper Workout Templates
      • All templates are 2-week cycles of structured workout plans that help lay the ground work for planning your training
      • All include detailed explanations of drills and training intensities to focus each set on a defined goal
      • Sample workouts included with calculated yards, time and stress scores
      • Treat these as a guideline to build your own program with
        • Novice (8 and unders)- Focus on training technique and kicking
        • Age Group (9-12)- Focus on training for the race
        • Senior/Distance (13+)- Focus on training zones
    • Dryland Template
      • Swimming focused with teachings about the Four main swimming motions and Four main training intensities 
      • Stretching explanations included
      • A guide to what exercises should be done, when and how many sets/reps of each during different parts of the season
      • A list of possible exercises for each swimming motion and training intensity to fit a variety of available equipment
      • An entire 16 week sample is included
    • Overtraining Monitor 
      • This uses the well researched and widely used Profile of Mood States questionnaire to quantify "stress"
      • This monitor automatically calculates, graphs and tracks a swimmer's mood over the season which has a high correlation to overtraining
      • Detailed explanations of how to interpret the numbers, what to do with them and references provided
      • Training Trip Journal
        • A 10 day training journal leading up to a 3 day mid-season meet
        • Daily reflection questions and motivational quotes and perspectives
      • Creating Goals
        • Don't travel without knowing your destination
        • A structured walk-through on how to create goals and motivational stories and quotes to guide you along the way
      • Nutrition/Dryland Slides
        • These go with our Nutrition talk video below 
        • Please use with your swimmers as you desire

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