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"The Swim Smart download-ables are a MUST have for each swim coach. Whether you’re an experience veteran, or a bright-eyed new starter—these free tools are a great template for any coach to build off of."

- Abbie Fish, Creator/Head Coach of Swim Like A. Fish

Imagine you just walked on deck for the first time as a head or assistant coach. What do you do now!?

  • How do you control these kids and make them believe in their team and training?
  • How do you structure and write workouts?
  • How do you teach the strokes in a competitive way?
  • How do you keep track of the yards in an organized way?

The answers are all available below! 

Download Details

    • Season Planning and Periodization
      • Planning a season is a valuable mental exercise for any coach. Here is a guideline and example of putting together a season from start to finish
      • Includes the Senior Template
    • Workout Templates
      • All templates are 2-week cycles of structured workout plans that help lay the ground work for planning your training
      • All include detailed explanations of drills and training intensities to focus each set on a defined goal
      • Sample workouts included with calculated yards, time and stress scores
      • Treat these as a guideline to build your own program with
        • Novice (8 and unders)- Focus on training technique and kicking
        • Age Group (9-12)- Focus on training for the race
        • Senior/Distance (13+)- Focus on training zones
    • Workout Progressions
      • Over 300 workouts 
      • Each set has a Level 1, 2 and 3 version
      • Structured by training zones
      • Free/Fly kick and IM sets too
    • Dryland Template
      • Swimming focused with teachings about the Four main swimming motions and Four main training intensities 
      • Stretching explanations included
      • A guide to what exercises should be done, when and how many sets/reps of each during different parts of the season
      • A list of possible exercises for each swimming motion and training intensity to fit a variety of available equipment
      • An entire 16 week sample is included
      • Overtraining Monitor 
        • This uses the well researched and widely used Profile of Mood States questionnaire to quantify "stress"
        • This monitor automatically calculates, graphs and tracks a swimmer's mood over the season which has a high correlation to overtraining
        • Detailed explanations of how to interpret the numbers, what to do with them and references provided
      • Training Tracker
        • Write sets and track yards
        • Automatically track types of training for the day, week and season
        • Learn and change season to season
      • Meet Lineup Tracker
        • Keep track of your athlete's events in high school meets
        • Prevent over entering. Summarize events entered
        • The Biology of Swimming PDF
          • Our entire 324 page picture book in PDF
          • Perfect for sharing with the team chapter by chapter or converting to Kindle format
          • It's the only non-free download here, but many have asked us to bring it back!
          • Click here for more details and the hard copy version
        • Swim Coach's Starter Guide
          • Perfect for new coaches looking to make coaching their career
          • A resource for head coaches wanting to help improve their assistants
          • Directly applicable guidelines, tips and instruction
        • Coach's Swim Clinic
          • Improve your coaching ability with these tips/guidelines:
          • Build a team everyone wants to be on
          • Managing the Team
          • Teaching/training the strokes
          • Writing workouts
        • Stroke Teaching Slides
          • series of videos and PowerPoint slides that explains how to build up every complicated swimming stroke and motion from the ground up for competitive swimmers
          • Every stroke can be broken down into a few key components
          • Use a series of drills that focus on every component and lays a foundation for building and training a perfect stroke
        • Website Documents
          • Contains 11 essential documents to be posted on your website for all to see and use
          • Parent Handbook
          • Meet Info Guide
          • Swimming Language Terms
          • ... etc


        Browse around and take a look at some of our other training tools that can help your swimmers crush their season!

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          Customer Reviews

          Based on 8 reviews
          SCOTT WARD
          A generous gift with true value for coaches

          All of these free download able spreadsheets offer many great ideas and the fact they are free shows the generosity of the creator. Thank you for paying it forward!

          PS by the physiology book for any rookie coach who struggles with understanding how the body responds to stress during training.

          Dominique Longtin

          As a swimming coach, all the Download-ables de Swim Smart help me as a so precious guide for annual periodization, in macro and microcycles.

          Angela Schupp

          Other than the need to reformat to print, the downloads are super helpful.

          Chung Tấn Phong


          Eric Holden

          Very helpful resources to help structure practices and simplify all aspects of swim training and performance.