I was asked once by a swimmer “why is that other swimmer so much faster than me?” I told him that all of competitive swimming can be summed up in one statement:

The swimmer who wins the race had the best Power to Drag ratio…period.

All technique, training, and biology feed into that ratio. Now… you can go online and find all kinds of articles, DVDs and videos about technique and training. They answer questions like:

“How often should I breathe in the fly?”
“What should my stroke count be for a 100 breast?”
“What’s the best training method…USRPT, HIIT, HIT, garbage yards?”


But what about these questions:

“Why am I sore…again? I’ve been training like crazy!”
“How does all this training work on my muscles to make me better?”
“Why does coach make me sprint at the end or practice instead of the beginning?”


It has to do with your biology. Don’t be scared! The word “biology” to most of us signals boring lectures and impossible homework. But this is not biology class, this is swimming class that teaches you everything you need to know about your biological swimming machine. This machine adapts, grows and changes depending on how you challenge it. Imagine a car, say a regular family car. In the real world it never changes on its own, no matter what roads you drive it on, how fast you drive or what you use it for. Imagine now if that car could adapt. If you drove it off-road, the next day its wheels got bigger. If you drove it at 100 miles an hour, by next week it added two more cylinders to make more power. That’s what your body does…every single workout.

You can find resources that talk about this stuff, even in swimming terms. But unless you plan on reading a 600 page textbook or are majoring in exercise physiology you are sort of on your own.


That’s what we are for. We are going to leave behind the complicated lingo of the science world, and bring all explanations of the biological world to the pool. We are going to go through the biological swimming machine one step at a time, using as many pictures as we can, and simplified as much as possible (but not any simpler)!

Before we begin taking you on this journey through your biological swimming machine we have one promise to make:

We will never push our products in these articles. We put these together for your growth, not ours.

Now, no more intros…let’s get to work.


Karl Hamouche- Swim Smart founder
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